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Become A NCP Sustainable Member!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an NCP Sustaining Member! We rely on you heavily to help secure victory for The People all across the nation. Your support and contributions will enable us to meet goals in addressing Nation-Wide Humanitarian & Social injustice.


All NCP contributions are going toward "We The People". This is to provide services to "The People", as groundbreaking as the party itself. Following FEC guidelines, total recorded contributions are held by NCP's FEC-Registered 501c3, and located on the FEC website.

The National ConsdensUS Party, DOES NOT believe elites should control access to Washington.

The historic political practice has made us all EXPENDABLE. Therefore NCP has chosen to have YOU "The People" listed as its Presidential Candidate. NCP seeks to change the Electoral landscape by providing actual access to Washington for all. We need you to join us in taking back our Constitutional Rights


The definition and description of DEMOCRACY are made clear in our US CONSTITUTION:

"Party responsibility is the attribution of collective responsibility to the political party in power for government performance. It is the core idea of a model, known as RESPONSIBLE Party Government. The model has rooted in the proposition that a necessary precondition for TRUE political responsibility is full power. NO INDIVIDUAL OFFICE HOLDER has sufficient power over a government's actions to be meaningfully held responsible for those actions. Only a political party is powerful enough to control what a government does and therefore be effectively responsible".


Thank you for your continued support.

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